Co­-dependency is a psychological term used to define a person, condition or a relationship that has harmful levels of dependency and often elements of emotional and psychological abuse. Co­dependency can become dangerous and even life threatening when there is emotional, psychological, or physical abuse present in the relationship.

Symptoms of Co­dependency

Co­dependency can take on many forms, but some symptoms are present in most co­dependents:

  • Avoidance of emotions and problems by focusing on the other person
  • A need to be needed
  • Being unassertive or feeling guilt around being assertive
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Low self­esteem and self­worth
  • Need for perfectionism
  • Places the needs of others in front of their own basic needs
  • Fear of being rejected or abandoned
  • Overly attentive and caring of the other individual
  • Unable to detach emotionally from the relationship
  • Constant approval and gratitude seeking
  • Feelings of distrust towards others outside of the relationship
  • Isolation from healthy relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

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