Evidence-Based Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center in Mauritius with an 85% Success Rate

Sanctuary Mauritius prides itself on its unique inpatient alcohol addiction rehabilitation methodology and success stories. We have a proven 85% success rate, standing as a testament to the persistence and dedication of our counselors and technical staff.

From the alcohol rehab intake process to multiple follow-ups upon your return home, we will ensure your complete success. We stand by our program and our patients’ results.

We Understand Alcohol Addiction
Have you found yourself exhibiting any of the phenomena below?

  • Regularly losing control over the amount you consume.
  • An inability to refrain from drinking when you have started and want to stop.
  • You find yourself lying, justifying or hiding the amount you drink from others.
  • Your consumption results in an alienation of friends and family.
  • You struggle to function without having first consumed alcohol (dependence).
  • You are preoccupied as to when and where you will get your next drink.
  • You increasingly need larger amounts and of alcohol to gain the same effect (tolerance).

Alcohol addiction is unlike any other disease. Mostly importantly, we understand that it is a disease and as such can be treated medically with proper medication and rehabilitative therapies. This alone opens the door to your success and full recovery.

Individualized Attention at Each Step of Your Alcohol Rehabilitation

At Sanctuary Mauritius, you can expect immediate action upon intake in the program. We know that this is one of the most important decisions of your life. Your progress and total care is our first priority in your full alcohol addiction rehabilitation.
Unlike other alcohol rehab programs, we only take in 20 patients at a time. This allows us to focus our attention on you and avoids an institutionalized feeling, only enhancing your gains through the program.
Additionally, over 80% of our addiction rehabilitation therapies are one-to-one sessions, counselling, psychological, occupational therapy, physical exercise and yoga sessions.

Our Unique Alcohol Rehab Approach to Producing Addiction-Free Lives

We have now found the central missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of alcohol addiction treatment: How to balance brain chemistry to stop addictive behaviour and rebalance a person. This new breakthrough is supported by the American Society Of Addiction medicine and thousands of medical specialists throughout the world.From this, a successful alcohol rehab treatment using our unique medical approach is showing a demonstrable 85% patient success rate.
Our approach is not just about making you break free from alcohol addiction – it’s about rebalancing you in such a way that you are independent of former negative lifestyle habits. Entirely based on sound biochemistry, this is the secret to long-term success in full alcohol addiction rehabilitation. We are a “university” – you are the graduate as a successful manager of your own life and future.

Affordable Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mauritius

We believe you should not have to sacrifice comfort and privacy to afford effective treatment. Our program and facilities offer a superior environment with the best counselors and staff on hand – all without the expensive price tag.
Due to our location and unique position as the leading Mauritius alcohol rehab program, we are able to offer more affordable pricing than a comparable clinic in a Western country. Because our approach to treatment is customized to each patient, pricing will vary.

Will My Alcohol Rehabilitation Program be covered by Insurance?

Our center is approved as a Rehab facility and holds a clinic license with the Ministry of Health. Hence our treatments are recognized and refunded by most international Health insurance companies. If you are in doubt do contact our administration office for further clarification.

World Class Service at a One-of-a-kind Destination

Located on the beautiful island nation of Mauritius, away from the bustling metropolises of Europe and the Middle East, our inpatient alcohol rehab center boasts luxurious rooms, attentive staff and world-class medical and wellness facilities.
Additionally, we have two medical and security shifts operating round the clock 24/7. We also have a medical doctor physically on site during the day and throughout the evenings. You will have full security and anonymity throughout your treatment.
Mauritius is an island paradise with lush forests, a plethora of fauna and wildlife, perfect year-round weather and a wide array of outdoor activities. Your time here will undoubtedly be well spent and will leave you with indelible memories for years to come.

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