Treating Addiction and Mental Disorders with a Proven Therapy

Among the medical and addiction community, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is the most widely used evidence-based practice. CBT is a mental therapy aimed at altering the thought patterns in a patient so he rebalances his way of thinking.

CBT has been used historically in successfully treating conditions such as addiction, depression, and phobias. It is a proven therapy to treat a wide variety of emotional and mental health problems. For this reason, Sanctuary Mauritius uses it as a major element and building block in all customized patient rehabilitation programs.

How CBT is used in Treating Addiction and Mental Health

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the principle that thought patterns are responsible for feelings and emotions. Many individuals suffering from addiction suffer with poor impulse control or an impulse disorder; this means that they act on the feelings that are created by dysfunctional thinking. The outcome is an irrational response to an event based on the individual’s perception and thought process. Conditions such as addiction or other self-destructive disorders manifest as the individual tries to manage his or her emotions or feelings by either suppressing or diverting them.

Substance addiction and other mental health conditions close the sufferer’s mind and stop them from moving forward in life. They become painfully trapped and a victim to their own thinking. By encouraging our patients to take responsibility for their own feelings and emotions, we are effectively encouraging them to challenge and change their way of thinking. Many of our therapies open our patients’ minds to learning and growth.

CBT allows patients to think for themselves and develop analytical tools for determining the best solutions for the many decisions they face in life. This becomes a critical process in overcoming addiction, for if a person’s thinking is dysfunctional, his conclusions will ultimately lead toward repeating the destructive patterns that originally molded his condition.

The Phases of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CBT is a therapy applied by trained and practiced counselors. There are six phases of CBT. These are:
1) Assessment or psychological assessment;
2) Reconceptualization;
3) Skills acquisition;
4) Skills consolidation and application training;
5) Generalization and maintenance;
6) Post-treatment assessment follow-up.

A psychologist trained in the therapy of CBT specifically administers each step. It can be delivered in a one-on-one setting or a group setting. This choice at Sanctuary Mauritius is tailored to each patient specifically so the best results can be produced in short order.

Additionally, we only accept 20 patients at a time at our facility so you will never have a sense of crowding or a lack of privacy in any aspect of the program. We know that large groups can impede the success of a patient’s progress and so we strictly enforce this policy in our registration and intake process.

Successful CBT Therapy at Sanctuary Mauritius
At Sanctuary Mauritius, we use our professional training and skills in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a foundation to our patients’ addictions and mental disorders. We take each patient’s case individually and apply the techniques to his unique life experiences and decisions.

Our founder, Dr. Siddick, has over 35 years of experience treating patients with anxiety disorders and other stress-linked conditions. His specialization in CBT plays a large role in the rehabilitation of his patients and is a critical element in the results our clinic sees on a daily basis.
Dr. Siddick is supported by a strong psychiatric and psychological team trained in CBT and the other forms of individual and group counseling delivered at Sanctuary Mauritius. You can expect nothing but the best attention and treatment.

Our clinic boasts world-class facilities, food and guest service staff; all without the expensive price tag of comparable clinics in the West or Middle East. We believe that a sanctuary should not have to sacrifice quality and results for affordability. We are all, each of us, driven by a purpose to improve the conditions of our patients. We know that our success is solely dependent on your success. And nothing makes us prouder than to see you complete our program and return to a life of self-control and happiness.
Contact us today and get started with our unique and affordable rehabilitation program. You deserve a life that is free from the chains of addiction and mental illness. You can start that journey today.

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