Overcoming Drug Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment in Mauritius

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance with psychoactive properties derived from plants primarily found in the central West African region. Ibogaine treatments are becoming more common as an alternative solution for those suffering from the effects of drug addictions, particularly heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and opioid medications such as Oxycodone, Methadone, and Suboxone.

Ibogaine acts as an addiction interrupter and has also been used to produce lasting results from patients suffering from mental conditions such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. It’s unique approach to treatment addresses the neurological patterns that bring about addiction, anxiety and depression. By positively altering the brain’s important regulatory systems, effective ibogaine treatment can produce lasting recovery in a patient while also bringing up deep-seated beliefs and emotions so they can be better understood.

At Sanctuary Mauritius, we combine a customized world-class ibogaine treatment with our full-fledged holistic healing practices so you get a 360-degree, integrated program that leaves you in a balanced, self-empowered state after recovery.

Effective Ibogaine Treatment at Sanctuary Mauritius

The Ibogaine treatment done at Sanctuary Mauritius is administered in conjunction with Minds Alive Wellness Centre from South Africa. Dr. Maudarbocus and Dr. Jeewa both ensure that the same level and standard of treatment is made available to all patients at Sanctuary Mauritius during their duration at our clinic.

Our therapy procedures are based on the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy: Screening, Safety, Monitoring & Aftercare (Second Revision), by Howard S. Lotsof & Boaz Wachtel. The application of each step and procedure is modeled on the best practices of the ever-evolving body of knowledge of this specialized treatment.

The treatment is supported by our Neuro Feedback Diagnostic and Scan, which allows for healing through energy rebalancing and promotes the ideal conditions to maintain the positive mind-set developed in the treatment program.

The trained and licensed medical professionals at our clinic oversee each step of the treatment program, ensuring you are achieving the desired results. Additionally, we keep a full medical and guest services staff on call throughout the night so you are always safe and in good hands no matter what time of day

What to Expect in the Program

Firstly, we understand that each patient is different from the next with his or her own unique life experiences and brain chemistry. We do not put our patients through a generic, cut and paste-type program, but rather individually assess them and create steps of treatment that seek to address their particular condition.

As a patient, you can expect the program to minimally take between 4 and 5 days. Typically we recommend more than 8 days so there is ample time to address each aspect of the addiction or mental condition without the concern of time constraints and deadlines. This will help considerably in treatment and lead to lasting results.

We combine each step with our holistic and medical treatments that not only complement your ibogaine treatment but also reinforce the recovery process to strengthen your physical, mental and emotional state. This is a major contributing factor to a successful recovery from addiction. By rebalancing you through all aspects of your customized program, we are able to produce demonstrable results without relapse.

The complete program includes your stay at our 5-star boutique hotel, access to all clinic and resort facilities, screening, 24/7 medical monitoring, equipment costs, medical supplies, quality food and supplements, relapse prevention counseling, psychotherapy, and spiritual counseling and lectures. Our combined integrated evidence therapies include massage, crystal healing, Reiki, fitness, yoga, Ayurveda, hydrotherapy and many others.

Your Best Destination for World-Class Treatment

You can expect every day at Sanctuary Mauritius to be total bliss. With year-round warm tropical weather and the second best air quality in the world, your time and treatment at our center will be unlike any experience you’ve ever had.

Our facilities include luxurious boutique guest rooms, a fitness center, pool, Jacuzzi and spa, star-gazing deck, tea and infusion kiosks and winding walking/running trails for invigorating treks through nature – all with 24/7 attentive guest care and a top-rated kitchen available to prepare and serve any personal dietary requirement.

Contact us today to inquire about pricing and how we can get you started on your path to full addiction relief and recovery.

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