Seychelles and Mauritius are like twin jewels shining in the Indian ocean waters. Unfortunately, the evil of addiction has spread to both countries and now we are seeing so many victims of alcohol, cannabis, heroin and the new craze of Synthetic cannabinoids is really destroying our youth.

Unlike Mauritius Seychelles does not provide an effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment program or private clinics, hence those seeking treatment usually must seek treatment abroad. Mauritius becomes the first choice, and our clinic has become very popular among Seychellois not only because we are close by but our quality of care and professional help is of UK standard-but at a fraction of the costs!

Addiction is a serious affair- it does not discriminate against rich or poor, educated or uneducated, male or female, young or old. When it hits, it can really destroy not only a person but his whole life and family as well.

But the good news is that medical science has evolved a lot and now we have the tools to break the addiction cravings in a person and make him addiction free in a reasonable amount of time.

How to help an addicted person?

It is important to be understanding and to know that there is often an unspoken, at times painful or eventful situation or strong emotions which contribute to a person becoming an addict. There may be associated mental health conditions like anxiety and depression which needs treatment. There is the need to seek the right treatment for them-whether alcohol treatment, drug rehab center or any rehabilitation program.
But we know that dealing with an addict in the family becomes a very challenging and at times frustrating experience-all the family is affected by this persons’ behavior and refusal to give up his addiction. We understand the dynamics behind this situation and this is where we can help to treat the addict and also help the family to regain peace and stability.
At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary in Mauritius Our Drug and Alcohol treatment program delivers a high success rate as we explore the deep emotional issues that lie hidden beneath the addictive behaviour.

How to choose the right treatment center?

The Ideal Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment center must take into account these 6 rules-

  1. Each patient in Unique and treatment programs must be personalised for each person
  2. A lot of One to One therapies, together with group therapies will be most effective.
  3. A medical approach is needed to cope with the detox phase, and deal with any associated mental condition.
  4. A small intake will have better success rates as patients feel that they belong to a caring therapeutic community and that they are not just a number in a group.
  5. The Environment must be very comfortable , enjoyable and conducive to relaxation and the “feel good” factor. Being surrounded by Nature , and walking on green grass, and listening to the birds in a clear blue sky have amazing healing properties for any sick person.
  6. Coming to a new and welcoming place will help a lot but going to the wrong place and having a cultural shock when one is vulnerable becomes a very stressful adaptation mode that delays healing.

Addiction is complicated and without the proper professional help, it is difficult to cure. It requires a combination of the right medical treatment, psychological support, emotional and spiritual healing.

Why come to our clinic?

First of all we understand the Seychelles culture and mind set-and we speak your language !
Will you be as comfortable and secured anywhere else in the world??
Mauritius has its special magic-and we have put together a highly qualified team of specialists and therapists to help you get out of the addictive mode. We start with a medical detox , then use psychological skills to stabilize your mind and mood, and we gently help you to enter the healing phase where you are becoming a whole person again-starting to enjoy the simple pleasure of life with a full recovery mindset.

Our Clinic operates like a wellness sanctuary with spa and hydrozone, set amidst a panoramic nature niche of greenery- with a ll the services of a 4star + boutique hotel- yet we have a 24 hour medical/nursing team that will care for you 24/7 and assist you on your journey to healing.

Why do we have high success rates?

Our programs look at all aspects of a person- mind, body soirit-and you are the center of our attention.
We do not do accept more than 15 clients at any one time. This makes a big difference, for large numbers tend to disrupt the focus and determination of the individual.
Our therapies are based on the latest in neuro science and we combine the best of oriental therapies to bring balance and peace to troubled minds and disturbed souls.

All our programs are done under supervision of our founder and CEO DR Siddick Maudarbocus, an Irish trained physician with over 35 years experience in the field of addiction medicine. Most of our staff are
Uk trained.

The big Plus for our Dallon brothers is that we have made pricing for them at par with Mauritian patients ! Hence we are cheaper than anywhere else for the quality of care that we deliver and you will enjoy a 4 star + hotel like facility during your stay with us,

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