Addiction is an equal opportunity epidemic it does not discriminate against rich or poor, young or old……

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How to help an addicted person?

It is important to be understanding and know that there is often an unspoken, at times painful or eventful situation or strong emotions which contribute to a person becoming an addict. There is the need to seek the right treatment for them-whether alcohol treatment, drug rehab center or any rehabilitation program.

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary in Mauritius, there is a high success rate for treating addiction patients as we explore the deep emotional issues that lie hidden beneath the addictive behavior.

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What is the right treatment?

Addiction is complicated and without the right help, it is difficult to cure. It requires a combination of the right medical treatment, psychological support, emotional and spiritual healing.

In Saudi Arabia, there are mental hospitals, Al Amal that has a Drug Rehab Center- probably a good place to detox, but what about the intensive “ Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation” work that is needed to change the mind set of the addict? For just pumping medicines into an addicts body will not resolve the issues linked to a self destructive habit, and the mental state that accompanies this behavior and erases months or years of self abuse.

Repression and punitive measures will not cure an addict. It may stop the addiction for a while but the addictive “ mindset” is still locked up inside that person.

Why come to Mauritius for treatment?

Getting away, going in a different country/culture/ will in itself start the healing process- by cutting off the familiar patterns of thinking and behavior that have embedded the addictive mode. No matter what your addiction may be- drug and alcohol rehab works best when you fly away to a new destination to start a new life.

Coming to a place where you will feel welcomed, at peace and looked after in a friendly and caring way will make all the difference to start your healing journey.

Mauritius is a safe country- a beautiful island 6 hours ways from Dubai, and with a most beautiful sunny climate year round, and this destination is a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

We are a small island that has become a major tourist destination- beautiful beaches, great hospitality and safe environment. Over 1,3 million tourists fly to Mauritius each year to enjoy a healthy sunny climate, unpolluted atmosphere, white sandy beaches with emerald water.

We have 20 percent Muslim population, and the island is very Muslim friendly with halal food and a mosque always within ten mins drive.

Why is our success rates higher with our patients?

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab facility is located within a wellness sanctuary, -where you will benefit from a range of therapies that will speed up your recovery from drugs and alcohol. We are not only concerned with your giving up an addictive behavior-we are focussed on rebuilding you up on several levels- from inside out.

All our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs have been finetuned under the guidance of our founder and Ceo dr siddick maudarbocus, a doctor with 35 years experience in the field of addiction medicine- and he has blended the western medical approach with eastern holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture and Ayurveda massage.

Dr. Siddick has also added an Islamic dimension to treating addictions-

“any Muslim patient cannot be liberated from drug and alcohol addiction if you do not approach his innermost relationship with God, his Imaan or core belief system. This is the key to permanent long term success with patients of the Islamic faith.

No matter how great your inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment program may be, but if you leave this spiritual aspect untouched- you will very quickly have the patient relapse again and again.

Imaan (faith) is the way to build and reconnect a person to his inner strength. Making Tawbah is a key step in our treatment program- As God is the All- merciful, the addicted patient is made to realize that each day is a chance for a new beginning with fresh determination.

We are the only Drug and Alcohol Rehab center in the world that offers western medicine, psychological practice together with holistic therapies and an Islamic approach to healing addiction in patients of Muslim faith.