Omanis are facing a huge drugaddiction invasion-with a very long coastline drug traffickers have an easy job to get illegal drugs in the country. Before 2014 the average drug user age was 35, now we are looking at less than 20 years old !

Drugs have invaded school playgrounds and targetting school kids as young as 15 years old with softer drugs that will hook them in ! Teachers and parents are powerless in the face of this epidemic.

Al Massara hospital has the only public Drug Addiction treatment center in Oman with 100 beds. Good for detox but a very harsh prison like environment that is not conducive to a comfortable Rehab program- hence their success rate is only around 20 percent.

The government is injecting another 200 million USd over the next 5 years to build new facilities to offer drug and alcohol treatment programs.

However Omanis are afraid to come forward and register for treatment because they fear the stigma attached to being a drug addict. Though the police have stopped prosecution of drug users and kept their names confidential so as to encourage them to seek treatment Omanis are unwilling to join a Rehab program in Oman, and they prefer to go overseas for treatment in full confidentiality.

This is why Our Sanctuary clinic in Mauritius has become a popular destination for Omanis seeking treatment for Drug and Alcohol addiction- we provide confidentiality, and comfort together with exceptional treatment programs that combine a western medical approach with natural therapies, meditation, yoga in a most relaxing environment. The incredible year round beautiful climate of Mauritius makes a lot of difference to making patients feel good and enjoy the outdoor outings that we organize to discover the beauty of Mauritius.

How to choose the right treatment center ?

The Ideal addiction treatment center must take into account these 6 rules-

  1. Each patient in Unique and treatment programs must be personalised for each person
  2. A lot of One to One therapies, together with group therapies will be most effective.
  3. A medical approach is needed to cope with the detox phase, and deal with any associated mental condition.
  4. A small intake will have better success rates as patients feel that they belong to a caring therapeutic community and that they are not just a number in a group.
  5. The Environment must be very comfortable , enjoyable and conducive to relaxation and the “feel good” factor. Being surrounded by Nature , and walking on green grass, and listening to the birds in a clear blue sky have amazing healing properties for any sick person.
  6. Coming to a new and welcoming place will help a lot but going to the wrong place and having a cultural shock when one is vulnerable becomes a very stressful adaptation mode that delays healing.

Addiction is complicated and without the proper professional help, it is difficult to cure. It requires a combination of the right medical treatment, psychological support, emotional and spiritual healing.

Why are we different ?

A patient‘s background and religious and cultural profile weigh a lot in the balance and his therapy will be successful ONLY if all these individual differences are taken into account. There is NO “one size fits all “ in Addiction treatment and recovery.

We do not take in more than 15 patients for addiction treatment at any one time- as larger groups tend to break down into smaller sub groups that may interfere with the treatment program as we keep a One to One approach in our sessions and interactions. Larger groups also tend to “ cross pollinate “ their addictive experience in a negative way.

Our professional team of psychiatrist, doctors, psychologists and counsellors will develop a tailor made program for each client after a thorough evaluation and profiling of his addiction history, present medical and psychological state and his personal background.

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