Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Mauritius
with an 85% Success Rate

Through our unique and internationally renowned program, we are able to take you from a life consumed by drug and alcohol addiction, down the path to full recovery and wellbeing.

Our goal is not only to address the root causes of behavioral addiction, but to rewire and retrain your instincts to steer you from the environmental stimuli that triggered the addiction in the first place.

Our Inpatient Rehab Methods & Credentials

We are a long-standing medical rehab center, certified by the Mauritian Department of Health.

Our founder

Dr. Siddick, has over 35 years of experience treating patients from stress-linked conditions including drug and alcohol addiction, mental burnout, chronic disease and other traditional medical needs. He is registered with the UK’s General Medical Council and has worked with large organizations in the international health community, including AETNA, CIGNA, VANBREDA and International SOS Assistance.

Dr. Siddick is supported by a strong team of highly qualified, registered physicians with innumerable cases of successful addiction recoveries.

As a full-service inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center, our 85% success rate has come from years of medical research and clinical testing. We apply the best forms of Western medicine in conjunction with the latest neuroscience research to rebalance your brain’s chemistry so it no longer seeks the addictive substance as temporary aid.

Moreover, to accelerate the addiction healing process, we utilize multiple holistic practices and apply them to your specific condition and profile. These can include fitness sessions, yoga, Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture, reflexology, head and neck massage and advanced bio energy rebalancing sessions.

We will not only break you free from drug and alcohol addiction, but also rebalance you from within so you can function independent of the lifestyle that produced the condition in the first place.

Why Come to Mauritius for rehabilitation?

Why Come to Mauritius for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation?

The first step in your full recovery is removing you from the environment – whether immediate or extended – that holds you in your current state of addiction.
The second step, and possibly the most vital, is allowing your body and mind to relax and slowly break down the compulsive, reactive behavior pattern.

There is no safer, therapeutic environment for just that than Mauritius.

Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center is perfectly situated in Mauritius on a hilly pineapple plantation corner overlooking green valleys, with the Indian Ocean and 3 beautiful islands just 10 kilometers away. With 11 massage rooms, 3 relaxation lounges, Jacuzzis, tea and infusion kiosks, a 5-star kitchen and walking/jogging tracks – all for just 25 guest rooms – you are guaranteed serenity of body and mind.
While the Middle East is sweltering several months a year, and the European continent freezes through winters, Mauritius enjoys a year-round tropical climate, highly conducive to a peaceful journey to addiction relief and recovery. And unlike most tropical Asian countries, Mauritius has a stable economy and government, ranked 24th in the world and 1st among African nations.

How is this possible? 

Our inpatient drug and alcohol addiction program in Mauritius doesn’t utilize just one or two means of effective treatment, instead we offer an evidenced-based blend of medicine, pharmacology, psychology and holistic therapies to form a program tailored to your personal struggle.

The results speak for themselves. And we are proud to see our patients return to a world where addiction no longer controls and dictates their lives and those they love.

To say it has been an emotional journey would be an understatement. From time to time, we all get lost in life and to receive a hand and guidance to find your way back must be one of the greatest gifts one person can give to another. I am forever indebted to the staff and friends I made at Les Mariannes Rehab Center for all their help and care.


A neuro science based addiction treatment program

with over 85% success rate..

Below is the program that we do at Les Mariannes sanctuary

What we treat

Those that want help to
take control of their life…

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centre of our programs.


Beautiful rooms with panoramic
views for your confort…

Level of care

Professional and personal
care around your clock…

Your Road to Full Addiction Recovery Starts Today

You possess the power of choice. Many others around the world cannot say the same. You can alter your current course. You can break free from drug and alcohol addiction. The chance to change your life starts here and now – and together we can do it.
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