Sanctuary Mauritius: The Best Destination for Addiction Treatment

“A Tranquil Heaven.” – G.B.S., Australia

What makes Sanctuary Mauritius different?

Is it our internationally trained and licensed multi-lingual doctors and counselors? Is it the serene setting and natural surroundings of our tropical island paradise with year round great weather? Or is it the 24/7 care and passion of each member of our team in stopping at nothing to ensure you have a safe and effective recovery from addiction?

It’s all of those and more – and we are glad you’ve found us.

Sanctuary Mauritius is uniquely positioned to offer you the most effective treatment possible while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality through each step of the program.

Our goal is to find the treatment that helps you regain your mental and physical wellbeing, and truly enjoy a successful life through recovery. It’s not always about fixing what is broken; it’s about starting over and crafting something better.


As well as offering a world-class treatment program, Sanctuary Mauritius is a luxury 25 room boutique hotel with on-call guest services staff and 24 hour security and medical supervision. Each room is fully equipped with all necessary toiletries and appurtenances so you can rest at ease and focus entirely on your recovery.
We believe that comfort is an important part of treatment. Dealing with the emotions and feelings of addiction and treatment are difficult enough. There is no need to sacrifice your privacy and comfort.

“It has been an enjoyable escape, really appreciate the hospitality and kindness.” 
– RF, U.S.A.


We are not called a sanctuary without reason. Our facilities were designed to provide the best in comfort and relaxation for each patient, no matter their condition. With 11 massage rooms, 3 relaxation lounges, Jacuzzis, tea and infusion kiosks, a 5-star kitchen and walking/jogging tracks – all for just 25 guest rooms – you are guaranteed serenity of body and mind.

Our center sits atop rolling hills overlooking a beautiful pineapple plantation. This idyllic location serves as therapy unto itself by giving you the space and tranquility you need to rapidly progress through treatment. Additionally, we routinely do outdoor excursions on the island so you can enjoy all that this tropical paradise has to offer.

While the Middle East is sweltering several months a year, and the European continent freezes through winters, Mauritius enjoys a year-round temperate climate, highly conducive to a peaceful journey to addiction relief and recovery. And unlike most tropical Asian countries, Mauritius has a stable economy and government, ranked 24th in the world and 1st among African countries, while the World Health Organization rates its air quality as #2 in the world.

“There are no words to express my feelings to thank the staff of Sanctuary Mauritius. They took good care of me, and the environment is very mesmerising with the view of the mountain. Very relaxing place to sort out one’s inner demons.” – MF, Saudi Arabia

Privacy and Confidentiality

We would like to assure you that the philosophy of our program is built around anonymity and confidentiality. We will never share your information or even the fact that you contacted us in the first place with any third party.

We have a firm policy of allowing no more than 20 patients at our clinic at any given time. Our clinic was founded on the belief that rehabilitation is a very personal experience and, as such, each patient requires a quiet and relaxed environment to focus on their recovery. In this way, we are also able to dedicate more professional time to your program: 80% of our treatments are done one-on-one which offers a unique experience and a fast track to success.

“Amazing and outstanding place with such nice therapies. It is a place where you come sick and leave healthy. Thank you so much!” – AH, Dubai UAE

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