Addiction is a disease, not a personal weakness.
At Sanctuary Mauritius we do not define people by their addiction because we recognise that addictive behaviour is only a very small part of who we are. We play many roles in our lives. We may be mothers, fathers, sons or daughters; we may work as doctors, teachers, mechanics or carpenters; we may enjoy different things: sport or music, reading or television; and display different characteristics: we may be loyal or independent, quiet or courageous. People who have problems with addiction come from all walks of life and look just the same as everybody else.

We all have gifts and skills, areas that we personally excel at, so why should we be identified by one small part of life that isn’t going well? A person with diabetes is a diabetic but that doesn’t define their life and future, it simply means they have a disease that needs treatment and lifelong care, addiction is no different.

Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted condition which requires complex, personally tailored treatment. At Sanctuary Mauritius we have the qualified and experienced staff who can build a program for you regardless of how complex your personal situation is. Remember, our treatment program has an enviable 85% success rate.

At Sanctuary Mauritius we take a holistic approach to treating our clients. We treat the whole person and all aspects of the disease of addiction. We treat the medical and neurochemical imbalances with medication; we use psychiatric and psychotherapeutic techniques to uncover and resolve the underlying causes that trigger addictive behaviours; we check for nutritional imbalances that may drive cravings and treat them with food and supplements, and we use well verified therapies and Eastern medicine treatments to calm and rebalance the nervous system.
If you are struggling with addiction, call us now, we are here to help.

The Founder

Dr Siddick qualified as a medical doctor at Dublin University and worked for several years in the UK National Health Service in psychiatry.

While Western medicine and prescription drugs provided remarkable cures for many people, he became frustrated with his inability to help the patients who did not respond well to drug treatment and so started to explore other healing modalities that seemed to offer potential solutions.

Dr Siddick studied with Dr Paul Nogier in France. Dr Nogier is considered the father of modern ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) and demonstrated remarkable cures just by inserting small needles into the patient’s ear.

After this Dr Siddick travelled to the Far East, the birthplace of healthcare over 3000 years ago, to study Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, and Acupuncture in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. For the past 35 years he has been using his vast knowledge and clinical skills to treat patients suffering from a wide range of health issues including stress and stress-linked conditions, chronic pain and chronic diseases, all types of addiction, and physical and mental burnout.

During Dr. Siddick’s lengthy career, he has studied and treated patients suffering from all forms of addiction and substance abuse as a regular part of his practice. His strong belief in blending modern medical practice and traditional Eastern medicine informs his treatment preferences and he brings a professional holistic approach to treatment that is unique in the world. At Sanctuary Mauritius Dr. Siddick is on site daily and gives counselling sessions as well as looking after our client’s medical needs.

Why Us?

At Sanctuary Mauritius, we have a team of doctors, psychologists and counsellors who are highly trained in treating addictions. We combine our medical support with treatments from our gifted team of holistic therapists to help the client recover in the shortest period.

Initial assessments at intake include a range of blood and urine tests and based on these results, we can quickly find and treat biochemical deficiencies and rebalance the client’s brain biochemistry. This simple process helps to quickly and easily relieve the cravings and dependency of the addiction.
We offer daily classes of yoga, tai chi and meditation and acupuncture treatments to help dissolve months or years of stress and rebalance the mind-body-spirit. Each client has an individually designed program to quickly provide optimum results.

Our international clientele flies to us from all over the world seeking treatment. These clients have often reached their lowest point and are exhausted physically and mentally from the stress of lying, hiding and denying their addiction. They may feel that we are their last hope and we take that responsibility very seriously, but with great confidence that we can help. We take extreme satisfaction in sending our clients home renewed, positively recharged, at peace and at ease with themselves and confident of a bright future free from their addictions.

Why choose Sanctuary Mauritius for Addiction Treatment?

Making the decision to get treatment for your addiction is incredibly brave and the absolute right step to make. When finally coming to the decision that you need help, it is important to choose the right center for you. At Sanctuary Mauritius, we are more than a standard addiction treatment clinic; we take a medical approach to treating addiction but do not forget the spiritual and emotional needs of the people who come to us seeking freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Sanctuary Mauritius was founded in 2011 by an internationally recognized medical doctor, Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus. Our program is designed and delivered by Dr. Siddick. Beyond just modern medicine however Sanctuary Mauritius also utilizes Eastern traditional medicine and creates a tailor made program to suit your specific needs. Dr. Siddick specializes in blending modern medicine with traditional evidence based treatments to treat the whole person and not just addictions and symptoms.

Dr. Siddick takes a personal stance in each person’s treatment program by designing and delivering an individually tailored addiction treatment program that is best suited to your specific needs. At Sanctuary Mauritius’s addiction treatment center, we combine psychiatric care with the medical expertise of general physicians, nursing professionals, licensed counselors and alternative treatment to provide the best program for lasting recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our effective approach to addiction treatment.

Our Team


Staff Philosophy at Sanctuary Mauritius

We recognise that our excellence is built upon the skills and character of our staff. Sanctuary Mauritius is very proud of our multidisciplinary clinical team that includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health workers, drug and alcohol abuse counsellors, nurses and holistic therapists.

Our medical and auxiliary staff have been handpicked for their specific skills and client focus. We know that without great people, we would be nothing more than a medical clinic and we recognise that our people are fundamental to our 85% success rate. In Mauritius we are extremely fortunate to have a large pool of internationally trained experts with decades of Western experience residing locally.

Dr Joseph Sam Soon

Dr. Joseph Sam Soon received his medical degree at the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, France and then continued with a specialization in psychiatry at the same facility. After working in several different hospitals in France he returned to Mauritius where he has a private practice in additional to working with our clients at Sanctuary Mauritius.
Dr Joseph is bilingual in English and French and registered with the Medical Council of Mauritius, he has specialized training in the following fields:
• Psychiatric emergencies
• General Adult and Child Psychiatry
• Substance Misuse Psychiatry
• Psychotherapy & psychoanalysis

Farshad Jaumbocus

Farshad Jaumbocus trained in Mental Health Nursing at the University of London. He is responsible for the ‘caring’ aspects of Sanctuary Mauritius and has extensive work experience and knowledge in the fields of rehabilitation, substance misuse, acute mental health problems and forensic management. He worked in the UK in the National Health Service from 2002 to 2009.

As a counsellor, Farshad’s focus is supporting patients and helping them achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Farshad leads a team of 8 health care assistants and nursing staff with a team aim of supporting our clients on all levels during their stay. His approach combines professionalism with an approachable friendliness that makes our guests feel relaxed and at ease through their journey of self awareness and personal insight.

Mohsin Dowlut

Mohsin is our yoga instructor, Reiki master and meditation instructor. He became interested in yoga and meditation while studying Management in UK and pursued several courses in the field of Wellbeing and Energy Healing .He worked at several 5-star hotels, as well as teaching at well known gyms and health centres in Mauritius before joining our team.

Today at Sanctuary Mauritius, Mohsin guides yoga and meditation classes, teaches breathing techniques and deep relaxation and provides one-on-one Pranic healing. Mohsin sees Sanctuary Mauritius as an ideal platform for him to share his passion for well-being and he plays a key role in providing this essential part of our process, providing deep relaxation and inner rebalancing to our clients physically, mentally and emotionally.