• It is not always about fixing what is broken...
  • It is all about starting over and crafting something better
  • At Sanctuary Mauritius we treat Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders and Dual Diagnosis clients
  • Dr Maudarbocus oversee a team of western trained and certified medical professionals
  • Sanctuary Mauritius recognised Drug, Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Mauritius Sanctuary, The path to new beginnings.

If you need help for yourself or someone you love, please feel free to contact us.

Interview of Doctor

Doctor explains details of what defines addiction and how it impacts the lives of those touched by it.

The Sanctuary

Where the stresses of life begin to fall from your shoulders the moment you walk through our doors


A brief glimpse of our little beautiful tropical island Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean.

A neuro science based addiction treatment program

with over 85% success rate..

Offered at our beautiful Sanctuary, located on a hill, surrounded by nature and farms on the tropical island of Mauritius.

Developed by a board of certified doctors, experienced in the treatment of various addictions, our program blends medicine, pharmacology, psychology, and holistic therapies. Our chief psychiatrist is a leading authority in treating addictions, and our facility is licensed by the medical authority. As a medical clinic; dual diagnosis treatment is also used for addiction treatment and we treat psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders.
We give each patient a 1 to 1 treatment plan and never treat more than 12 patients at any one time. So you will get all the attention needed, and we can explore your problem in depth and find out if there is any co-occurring psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Along with addiction treatment, we can provide you with a weight loss or fitness and detox program (using nutrition and natural medicine) so that you improve on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

You will enjoy the warm and relaxing atmosphere of our clinic-hotel facility with sauna, Hamman, swimming pool and spa services. We have a wide range of holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, Reiki, Crystal therapy, massage therapies, acupuncture and auriculotherapy.

Hence, in a short time, your brain is on the journey to healing and with good nutrition, exercise, rest and counselling you will find your way out of addictive thinking.

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